Festival Vitebsk


Between 10 - 18 July the multicoloured mosaic of “Zadzvinski Kirmash” fair will beautify the right bank of the Dvina River once again. The fair is one of those traditional projects that gives the city residents and guests of “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” an opportunity to experience a unique festival atmosphere.

Over 400 craftsmen who restore and develop traditional folk crafts, acquire new contemporary kinds of decorative and applied art are to present their arts on the territory of the cultural and historical complex “Golden Ring of Vitebsk “Dvina” and the adjacent Tchaikovsky Street and Ilyinsky Street.

Craftsmen from different cities of Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia, which is taking part in the fair for the first time, will join the Belarusian artisans.

Visitors are sure to wonder the imagination and skills of the craftsmen. “Zadzvinski Kirmash” Fair is to present thousands of decor items and unique souvenirs such as pottery, knitting, willow weaving, bead weaving, natural stone and resin jewelry, lampwork, decoupage, woodcarving, weaving and etc.

The Belarusian Folk Artists Union, the Belarusian Guild of Craftsmen and Artisans, the Association “Shchyraya maisternya” will also bring their works to the fair.

A wide range of production is to be presented by the organizations dealing with distribution of souvenirs and handicrafts.

The Fair “Zadzvinski Kirmash” is a real celebration. Anyone can not only enjoy the scenic pictures but also participate in the event.  The masters of the “Golden Ring of Vitebsk “Dvina”” complex will be giving lessons in ethnotherapy throughout the duration of the fair, between 12 – 16 July there will be workshops of blacksmith art and artistic forging “Kawalskye Zamalevki”. The Belarusian artists and craftsmen will share their art.     

From 13 to 15 July, the “Golden Ring of Vitebsk “Dvina”” will host the International Contest of Masters in Ceramics and Pottery “Clay Sings”. On the opening contest day the forms made by potters will be placed into the kiln. The traditional ceremony is to start at 6.00 p.m.

Those who are interested in “living history” are invited to Tchaikovsky Street, 14, by the Vitebsk historical reconstruction clubs “Nagalfar”, “Hallwil”, “Heritage”. The Fair “Zadzvinski Kirmash” will host a premiere of the beauty and fashion festival “Little Slavyanka” (Center of Fashion and Style M. Y. Studio, headed by Maria Zhuravleva with the support of the State Institution “Cultural and historical complex “Golden Ring of Vitebsk “Dvina”) with the shows of design collections, trademark collections and models competition.

No fair can go without music and dance! The complex will provide place for daily concerts of creative groups and amateur associations “Kirmash Talantov” (Fair of Talents).

On 15 July the International Festival of Creativity for the Physically Challenged “Vitebsk-2018” is to hold its traditional gala concert.

Exhibitions are to be open every day. One of them is the IX International Photo Exhibition “The world through the eyes of women”.

 Kira Rekun