Festival Vitebsk


During “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” pottery will sing, puppets will ask out guests on a date, and craftsmen will surprise lovers of folk art.

From 12 July to 16 July the city on the Dvina River will be living in the atmosphere of celebration.

The festival’s true companion is the “City of Masters”, a fabulously attractive place where you can endlessly admire the imagination and skills of the people keeping folk traditions, creating hand-made crafts.

The “City of Masters” will be located on Pushkin Street and Tolstoy Street. The creative project will unite craftsmen, artisans from all regions of Belarus, members of the Belarusian Union of Folk Artists, as well as craftsmen from the cities of Russia and Ukraine.

On 12 July the Victory Square is to host the “Vivat, Orchestra-2018!” regional competition for wind music. The brass bands, together with a combined ensemble of drummers of the Vitebsk regional methodical center of folk art, will parade along Lenin Street down to the Victory Square.

The celebration will be opened by the II International Festival-Contest of Drummers and Majorettes, featuring bands from Pskov, Velikie Luki, Bryansk, Kimry City (Moscow Region) and others.

The combined ensemble of drummers of the Vitebsk Region (400 people) is the first Belarusian ensemble to have been admitted to the World Organization of Majorette-Sports MWF including 15 countries. The corresponding certificate was awarded to the Vitebsk regional methodical center of folk art in spring at the meeting of MWF members in Moscow.

Another interesting and broad-scale creative project is the International Contest of Masters in Ceramics and Pottery “Clay Sings”. It is scheduled between 13 - 15 July at two venues - in the inner yard of the Regional Local Lore Museum and in the Cultural and Historical Complex “Golden Ring of Vitebsk “Dvina”. The spectacular event is expected to be offered by the leading professionals in pottery, folk toys and ceramic art of the Vitebsk and other regions of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

On the contest opening day, 13 July, the forms made by potters will be put into the kiln at the courtyard of the “Golden Ring of Vitebsk “Dvina”. The traditional ceremony starts at 6.00 p.m.

On 14 July the craftsmen will start to compete in the inner yard of the Regional Local Lore Museum. The contest categories include traditional pottery form, technology of pottery forms decoration, the author's small statuary, firing black-stained ceramics, ceramic souvenir, home collection, creative debut. There will also be workshops and selling exhibitions. In the evening, the spectators will have a chance to watch the extraction of ceramic products from the kiln for the obvara process.

On 15 July the craftsmen will continue their work at the potter's wheel near the Town Hall, while the “Golden Ring of Vitebsk “Dvina” will host opening of the oven with the black-stained ceramics.

The Award Ceremony for the winners of the International Contest of Masters in Ceramics and Pottery “Clay Sings” will be held on the stage in the Freedom Square.

During the festival days the Square will turn into the epicenter of dazzling events. On 13 July it will host the National Festival-Contest of Folk Traditional Costume “Stitches of Handicraft”. Masters of the Vitebsk Region and the Republic will present the reconstructed traditional costumes of their regions: the clothes of peasants, common herd, nobility, and the accessories (headwear, belts, jewelry). On 14 July there will follow a dancing competition. 100 dance couples from the Vitebsk Region will become the participants of the V Tournament of Social Dance. The dancers, aged from 16 to 70 and above, will present local variants of dance and original, characteristic performance styles.

Both projects will be dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of the Vitebsk Region.

On 15 July a spectacular event will once again attract the public to the Freedom Square. There will be a regional competition for Russian harmonica players and singers of ditties “Musicians play and play ...”. The best musicians will present the virtuoso play on the Russian harmonica and button accordion, and will compete in singing ditties.

On 16 July all the events on the Freedom Square will be crowned by the concert program “My Love-My Native Land”, dedicated to the Year of Small Homeland.

Throughout the days of the XXVII International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” the Vitebsk regional methodical center of folk art (Lenin Str., 35-a) will host a regional exhibition-contest of traditional dolls and toys “Zabava-2018”.

Kira Rekun