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Uliana Kolodziejczak (stage name Uliasha) has Russian roots on her mother's side. She was born on September 17, 1991, in Warsaw.

Uliasha studies international relations at the university.

She writes lyrics for her songs. Her source of inspiration is the creativity of Anna German.

In 2007, Uliasha won the second prize in the National Contest of the Russian song (Bialystok, Poland).

In November 2011, she was selected as the artist of the week by Interiya portal.

In 2013, the young singer reached the final of the All-Polish Music Talent Contest “18th Anniversary of Radio Bielsko”.

The single “White Nights” has been watched over 90 000 times on Ello Youtube Channel.

In 2014, Uliasha won the First Prize of the International Competition of Songs by Anna German “Victoria” (Poland), and the International Festival “The Russian Song” (Russia).

She is the presenter of the television program “Russian Express” (Bialystok) and the organizer of the Polish-Russian community “The Slavs”

Uliasha is a prizewinner of the Polish tennis championship. She left the professional sport to devote herself to music.