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Сергей Волчков

The solo concert by the prizewinner of the Moscow International Contest of Young Performers of Russian Romance “Romansiada”, the winner of the second season of the popular vocal project “The Voice” Sergei Volchkov promises to become an unforgettable festival event. The concert is scheduled for 14 July in the Concert Hall “Vitebsk”.

At the age of 25, Sergei won the hearts of millions. His gorgeous baritone, amazing sincere openness on the stage and personal charisma continue to conquer both ordinary listeners and acclaimed pop stars.

The singer is our countryman. He comes from the city of Bykhov. Sergei graduated from the Rimsky-Korsakov State Music College in Mogilev and went on his studies at the faculty of musical theatre of the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (Tamara Sinyavskaya and Rosetta Nemchinskaya's course). In 2010, he received a scholarship of the Foundation of Cultural Programs named Isaac Dunaevsky.

After his victory in “The Voice” on the Russian Channel One in 2013, where he participated in the group of People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Gradsky, Sergei began touring on a nationwide scale.

This year Sergei Volchkov celebrates his 30th anniversary and the 5th anniversary of his creativity.

At his anniversary concert in Vitebsk the singer is ready to generously share his gift with the audience, to give, as he says, a small part of himself. Sergei has a special attitude to “Slavianski Bazaar”. Why? He has told us in an interview for the festival site. 


–“Slavianski Bazaar” has launched my solo career. My first-ever solo concert took place in Vitebsk in 2014! Therefore, I am passionate about this festival and I have enthusiastically accepted the invitation this year!

–Sergei, do you think that it is “The Voice” that paved the way for you to the big stage or excellent educational background? 

–Without proper education I wouldn’t have participated in “The Voice”, which definitely opened the doors to the world of the big stage. But I’d rather use “and” in the question, not “or”.

– How is your creative contact with Alexander Gradsky?

– We have a great relationship with Alexander Borisovich, I always call him when I need wise advice. That’s not only on creative issues. He has become my life mentor. I am also a guest soloist of Alexander Gradsky Theatre, while, occasionally, the Maestro takes part in my big concerts, which, definitely, gives me honor!  

– “The Belarusian Magomayev”. When people call you that way, what is your reaction? What remains to be the most important for you in the classes by Tamara Sinyavskaya and other mentors?

– Yes, I often hear such a comparison. That sounds like praise, I'm pleased. But Tamara Sinyavskaya told me once: “Do not aspire to become a second Magomayev, it is impossible! Become the first Sergei Volchkov in music!” Her advice remains a guiding light for me, and I go this way!

– What important projects have you managed to implement this year?

– I have turned 30. Five years ago I came on big stage for the first time. The anniversary tour across 52 cities is dedicated to these events. Big solo concerts were given in April in the Kremlin and Oktyabrskiy Big Concert Hall, Saint-Petersburg, which drew capacity crowds.  Apart from solo concerts, I performed in 18 cities with the Sretensky Monastery Choir with the program “Move on, Russia!” last spring. I have taken part and will take part in many state and specialized events on the main Russian stages.

–Sergei, you have also appeared in a film. In August the Russian Channel One is to show the film “Strong armor”, dedicated to the Battle of Kursk, one of the key battles of the Great Patriotic War. Is it your first experience in the cinema? 

–Yes. I recorded a leitmotif song for the film and the song “The Kursk Bulge”, composed by Alexandra Pahmutova. I also played a minor role. In fact, I played myself, in other words, an artist of the Bolshoi Theater, who came to the frontline with the performance to support the fighters before the great battle.

–Let’s get back to the concerts. Will you present the solo program “30/5” at “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”, which you performed in the Kremlin last April, or will you make it different for the festival? Will there be premieres?

– The concert in the Kremlin was accompanied by a large variety symphony orchestra and a combined choir. The concert program in Vitebsk is a bit different, since it will be presented with my group of musicians. It is the same as the program of the anniversary tour to other cities. The concert includes the most popular songs from our past programs and the songs written specifically for me. Currently, we are preparing my new song. If we manage to finish it, we will present it in Vitebsk.

– Are you planning to give any concerts in your native land before the end of the year?

–Performances are scheduled for 14 October in Gomel and 15 October in Minsk, as part of my anniversary tour.

– Thanks for the interview. We look forward to seeing you at “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”.

Kira Rekun