30 June 2018 All news


The name of the People's Artist of Moldova, winner of international music festivals, one of the most outstanding nai (pan flute) players, Сonstantin Mosсovici has long been well-known not only at home, but also far beyond Moldova.

A unique, unrivalled manner of performance by Сonstantin Mosсovici draws admiration. His music, imbued with love for his native land, has warmed the people’s hearts and aroused kindly feelings for decades. The Moldovan nai player was applauded in many European countries, Asia, America and Africa, where he toured in different years.

Сonstantin Mosсovici was the first Moldavan, who performed in the prestigious Millennium Theater in New York. He also appeared on the stage of the famous Carnegie Hall together with the People’s Artist of Georgia Tamara Gverdtsiteli. Both concerts drew capacity crowds.

The artist, who is passionate about his musical instrument, has always wanted to make the Moldovan nai recognizable and enjoyed all over the world, so he began performing ethnic music. The promotion of the Moldovan nai through the music of different nations has led to one of the most interesting projects by Сonstantin Mosсovici, the creation of music anthologies. The Maestro’s repertoire includes Turkish, Macedonian, Russian, Belarusian, Azerbaijani works. He has created anthologies of the Balkan and Jewish music.

Playing the pan flute on the stage is always a confession. That’s what the musician’s admirers feel when they listen to Сonstantin Mosсovici performing.  

The festival audience in Vitebsk has long been in love with the artist. The musician has been taking part in “Slavianski Bazaar” for many years.

Сonstantin Mosсovici admitted in one of the interviews that the festival in Vitebsk became part of his professional life. He performed in the gala concerts of the Opening and Closing Ceremony of “Slavianski Bazaar”, took part in the “Festival Without Borders” project, charity programs, “Star Hour” meeting with journalists.

Currently, Сonstantin Mosсovici is the official representative of the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” in Moldova and Romania.

The Maestro has a great experience in working in the international jury of the festival contests “Vitebsk”, and this time the People's Artist of Moldova will be the chairperson of the international jury of the XVI International Children Music Contest.

The festival audience will certainly have a chance to enjoy the Moldovan nai. Сonstantin Mosсovici, like all other jury members, will perform on 12 July at the Concert Hall “Vitebsk” in the final gala concert of the children music contest. Another meeting with the Maestro will also take place at the composer Alexander Morozov’s jubilee concert on 14 July in the Summer Amphitheatre.

Kira Rekun