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Эскиз сцены Летнего Амфитеатра

The Summer Amphitheatre celebrates its 30th anniversary.  he main festival venue is designed for its jubilee opening by the Moscow stage designer Alexander Kholodnov.

The designer is known for the projects "Golden Gramophone", "Song of the Year", "New Wave". Holder of the Russian National TV Award "TEFI", he made his debut at “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” in 2013. Since then, he has been creating the design of the main festival stage for every edition, using cutting-edge technologies of stage space organization.

The author of the project Alexander Kholodnov has shared with us news about the “outfit” of this year’s Amphitheater.

– To imagine a new look of the stage, you need to turn to the stylistics of the graphic images of “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk-2018”. The scenography design is developed to fit the stylistics and supports the spreading graphics which is perceived as something alive, moving, like energy bundles, emotional outbursts... All of that will be reflected on the stage. 

– Alexander, the festival stages of the previous editions had a led podium, high-tech wing flats, interior solutions through technological imitation of the hall of columns on the stage and other ideas. What is this year’s gimmick?

Design of the Summer Amphitheatre stage         – Let's define it as emotional outbursts of the entire stage structure with a template shaping. With no straight lines, with the effect of “mercury” flowing of three-dimensional shapes – ovals, ellipses... The silhouette lines will beautifully intertwine, bursting with more and more emotional bundles.

The whole stage will have sliding together and sliding apart screens. The mirrors on the stage will help increase one and a half times the volumes of the screen-group images.  The lower part of the stage will have a wave of diode ribbons. On the right and left wings of the stage there will be descending and rising plasma column-shaped objects. It will be beautiful.  The scenery is designed to achieve the maximum tectonic formation, when all the elements of the space are interconnected and the structure works for bending, stretching, compression and each part of the whole stage space will take its shape, capable of causing emotional storms.

I am creating a universal stage story.

While concertgoers will be able to enjoy the festival atmosphere and colorful effects in the Amphitheatre, viewers will have a chance to watch a full – color catchy picture on TV.


Kira Rekun