18 May 2018 All news


For twenty seven years the festival Vitebsk has been attracting the representatives of all continents of the globe. The festival’s signature tune has already reached other galaxies, and on 7 July, as follows from the established interplanetary ties, the city is to receive alien visitors in the Ice Palace.

Someone may say that the whole thing is an imaginary show, just some kind of an incredible circus?! And they will be absolutely right! This time the festival will start with a fantastic circus.

For the first time "Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk" program includes an awesome performance “UFO: Circus From Another Planet” by People's Artists of Russia Askold and Edgard Zapashny.

 “We are looking forward to meeting with Vitebsk. I’ve been here many times and I can assure you that this city has its own unique energy, and I’m convinced that the Vitebsk audience will duly appreciate our new project”, said the Director of the Great Moscow Circus Edgard Zapashny. “We’ll try to do our best to make every member of the audience forget about their problems, distract from the everyday pressing issues and embark on a real space trip with our heroes during our two-and-a-half-hour-performance”.

The main characters of the show are unique artists of the CIS countries, champions and winners of the international competitions and festivals, who perform breathtaking tricks at the limit of human capacity. The acrobats under the guidance of Anatoly Ruban work with teeterboards. In 2009, the performance won a silver medal at the International Circus Festival in Latina (Italy), in 2013 it received the “Silver Idol” at the World Festival of Circus Art “Idol” in Moscow, while in 2014, the artists won another prestigious award at the International Festival of Circus Art in Izhevsk.

The tightrope walkers under the guidance of Eugenia Zhukova have won the highest awards at the festivals in China and Kazakhstan.


The show features acrobats on roller skates, Segways and even on a collision swing. The breathtaking stunts in the air are to be shown by gymnasts Zoya Barkova and Galina Krylova.

The city on the Dvina River is to welcome “real aliens”, whose roles are performed by the sisters Ludmila and Tamara Titchenkovy. The height of each girl is over 202 cm. By the way, you can see them in the KVN team of the Big Moscow Circus. The role of robohuman is tried by the winner of the project “Minute of Fame” Victor Kochkin, who is to demonstrate a virtuoso break-dance on his hands.

The main role is to be played by the circus artist, a representative of the famous dynasty of the circus clowns, actor Adam Talin.

The project uses light and laser installations, cutting-edge sound and video technologies making it possible to create “planetary images”, “galactic landscapes” in space that can evoke a sensation of a space flight.

To implement the project, ten trucks will deliver multi-ton equipment to Vitebsk. The construction of the UFO plate, which is to “land” in the Ice Palace, weighs over six tons!

Moreover, a large, 130-liter and half-a-meter high, bottle of perfume with the “aroma of space” will be delivered to the arena! It is included into the Guinness Book of Records and is kept in the Great Moscow Circus. The organizers of the show have revealed the recipe of the exclusive perfume for the first time, specially for the festival Vitebsk, the city "with unique energy". The mystery is in the combination of vanilla, candyfloss, baked apples in chocolate and popcorn! This is just the aroma of the circus foyer before the show!

The Ice Palace in Vitebsk is to host 24 performances “UFO. Circus From Another Planet” from 7 to 18 July, giving a chance for 45 thousand spectators to contact the alien visitors.

When presented in Minsk, the alien circus of the brothers Zapashny gathered a record number of 70 thousand fans.

The performance “UFO. Circus From Another Planet” has successfully been shown in Russia, Latvia, Finland, Estonia, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates.

Now comes the time for Vitebsk.

Kira Rekun