The Rules of Participation

XVI International Children Music Contest “VITEBSK–2018”

The International Children Music Contest “Vitebsk–2018” is held in the format of the XXVII International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” from July 10  to July 18, 2018 (July 12  – the opening, July 16 – the closing of the Festival) in Vitebsk, the Republic of Belarus.

Aimed at promotion of children music art and discovery of young talents, the Contest is designed to encourage the creation of new contemporary works for children and the youth, to cultivate a taste in art and respect for professionalism, as well as to revive the best traditions of pop genre.


  1. The Contest is open to children aged 7 –12 including (on the last day of the festival) from all over the world who have stage experience and received awards in national and international children music festivals and contests, and have recommendations from the State Ministries and Departments of Culture (for the CIS countries), promotion centres, music studios, musical, television or radio programs, boards of festival and contest directors.
  2. The preparation and holding of the Contest is carried out and coordinated by the State Institution “Centre of Culture “Vitebsk”. The preliminary selection of the participants is held by the State Institution “Centre of Culture “Vitebsk” – the Board of Directors – on the basis of the official entry forms, letters of recommendations and submitted entry materials.
  3. The total number of the Contest participants shall not exceed twenty one (21) (one singer from each country).
  4. The official entry form (attachment 1)
  5. Every official entry should include the following:
      One (1) CD Audio with the songs submitted for the contest;
      Video clips of the contest songs presenting the artistic image of the participant. The high quality video (TV format: AVI DV, PAL, 720*576, 48 KHz, stereo or DVD formats: MPEG-2, PAL, 720*576, 9000 constant, 48 KHz, stereo) should meet the specifications set in the Rules and Regulations;
    3. lyrics of the submitted songs in their original languages and translated into Russian and English;
    4. PHOTO
      Three (3) photos on CD/DVD, format: tiff, jpg, 300dpi/inch;
    5. Promo materials;
    6. Curriculum vitae (resume), copies of diplomas awarded at other music contests and festivals (2016-2017);
    7. Passport copy and birth certificate of the participant and passport copy(ies) of the escorting person(s).
  6. The official entry form and entry materials should be submitted to the following address before April 1, 2018:
    State Institution “Centre of Culture “Vitebsk”, Board of Directors, International Relations Department, 1 Mayakovsky Street, 210026 Vitebsk, Belarus 
    Tel.: + 375 212 67 44 37; + 375 212 673-340; Fax: + 375 212 67 49 40; 
  7. No entry materials submitted for the contest are returned. The Board of Directors shall not provide their official evaluation. Entries that lack any of the above mentioned materials or sent after the deadline (April 1, 2018) shall not be considered.
  8. The official confirmation of the participation in the Contest (invitation) is sent by the Board of Directors on behalf of the permanent Republican Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee) on the preparation and holding of the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” one and a half month prior to the Contest.
  9. The contest is covered by mass media representatives accredited at the Festival.


  1. The Contest includes two performances within two contest days and a gala concert open to the public.
  2. The participants perform two (2) songs, four (4) minutes or less in length each, with “Playback -1” (‘dat’, mini-disk, CD). The “Playback -1” is to be provided by the participant. The recorded back vocal is permitted if it doesn’t duplicate and drown out the original voice (melodic line) of the singer.
  3. The Contest songs should have children-oriented or youth-related contents and themes, and correspond with the age and outlook of the performer.
  4. On CONTEST DAY ONE every participant performs a popular song in the language of the country and written by a composer from the country the participant represents.
  5. On CONTEST DAY TWO every participant performs a popular song of his/her own choice demonstrating mastery and artistic skills.
  6. The Contest winners take part in the closing gala concert of the International Children Music Contest “Vitebsk–2018”.
  7. Every participant should submit the sound carriers with the concert songs to the Board of Directors before drawing lots to secure the sound and track length check.
  8. The participants may replace the submitted songs providing a written request not later than two (2) months before the Contest opening.
  9. The performance order for each Contest day is determined by drawing lots held in the presence of the International Jury and mass media representatives.
  10. Every participant may be escorted at the Contest by two persons.
  11. Travel expenditures related to arrival in Vitebsk and departure from Vitebsk, registration and medical insurance are covered by the participant and escorting person(s) or organizations sponsoring the participant.
  12. All the expenditures connected with the accreditation of the participant and escorting person(s), accommodation and meals, moving from Moscow to Vitebsk or from Minsk to Vitebsk and back from Vitebsk to Moscow or to Minsk (depending on schedule of passenger service and in case of absence of  direct passenger service to Vitebsk, except for participants and their escorting people living in Belarus and Russia), promotional campaign, handbills and booklet production, an interpreter (if needed), transportation (a bus) within the city of Vitebsk are covered at the expense of the republican and (or) local budget within the funds provided by the state authorities for holding centralized events and resources not forbidden by law. Note: All the participants of the Contest and their escorting person(s) are accommodated in a Vitebsk hotel (if rooms are available) or a student’s dormitory on decision of the Board of Directors.


  1. The International Jury is designated by the Board of Directors on contract and comprises famous pop song performers, composers and poets, managers and producers (excluding the managers and producers of the participants), journalists, prominent political and social figures, and other intellectuals who have gained a worldwide recognition and promoted the ideas of the Festival. 
  2. In 2018, the International Jury shall consist of no more than 12 (twelve) members, including the Chairperson of the Jury, the secretary in charge and the technical secretary.
  3. The evaluation criteria of the Contest performance is established by the Jury members at their first meeting, held prior to the Contest opening.
  4. The Jury shall evaluate the performance using a ten-point system. The minimum evaluation point is 5 (five). Points obtained in the two voting rounds during the two contest days shall be added.
  5. The final decision is taken by the majority of votes after the Jury’s discussion and voting by open ballot. Each Jury member is entitled to vote once. In case the votes are equal, the Chairperson of the Jury shall have the deciding vote. If in the work of the Jury arise contentious issues, the opinion of the Chairperson is decisive.
  6. The Jury shall announce the Grand Prix Winner, First Prize Winner, Second Prize Winner, Third Prize Winner, and diploma holders of the International Children Music Contest “Vitebsk–2018” on the basis of the two-day total score and the Jury’s discussion. 
  7. Grand Prix shall be awarded to the participant who gets the highest score according to the added two-day voting results. 
  8. The Jury is entitled to equally divide the Prizes (excluding Grand Prix and First Prize) between two participants who have scored equal points or have the difference of two points or less.
  9. The Jury members shall make no public evaluation of any participant during the course of the Contest as well as no comments regarding discussions and debates at the Jury meetings.
  10. The Jury members meet in closed session; the decision of the International Jury is final and not subjected to any changes.
  11. Should the International Jury decide that no participant meets the established criteria for awarding the Prize for the lack of merit (including Grand Prix), the Prize goes unawarded.
  12. The final decisions of the International Jury are registered and written up in the Russian language and kept in the Board of Directors.
  13. The International Jury shall work according to the established Rules and Regulations.


  1. The awards and prizes according to the results of the contest performances are the following:
  2. Grand PrixUS$ 5000 (five thousand US dollars), a special prize and the Diploma of the Grand Prix Winner of the XVI International Children Music Contest “Vitebsk-2018”.
  3. First Prize US$ 3000 (three thousand US dollars), a special prize and the Diploma of the First Prize Winner of the XVI International Children Music Contest “Vitebsk-2018”.
  4. Second Prize US$ 2000 (two thousand US dollars), a special prize and the Diploma of the Second Prize Winner of the XVI International Children Music Contest “Vitebsk-2018”.
  5. Third Prize US $1000 (one thousand US dollars), a special prize and the Diploma of the Third Prize Winner of the XVI International Children Music Contest “Vitebsk-2018”.
  6. Non-prizewinning participants are awarded Diplomas confirming their participation in the XVI International Children Music Contest “Vitebsk-2018”.
  7. On decision of the Board of Directors and the International Jury, the Grand Prix Winner takes part in the Closing Ceremony of the Festival without a fee.
  8. Organizations, enterprises, companies and associations of any type of ownership, mass media agencies, prominent culture and art workers and pop performers are entitled to establish Special Prizes. The Prizes are to be approved by the Board of Directors and the International Jury of the Contest. The amount of the prize is not to be less than US $ 500 (five hundred US dollars).


  1. Every participant, by the very fact of entering the Contest, shall guarantee that he/she has obtained all the necessary authorizations to use the submitted songs from all the rightowners concerned. All relations with Copyright Associations and other Right Protection Organizations regarding copyright and other co-rights, and related to the present Rules and Regulations, the Parties agree to handle independently.
  2. The participant of the Contest (winner/diploma holder) shall grant the Board of Directors the right to use his/her image in the production of the promotional materials and give his/her consent to his/her name being used in connection with the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”.
  3. The participant of the Contest (winner/diploma holder) shall authorize the Board of Directors:
    1. to use the submitted songs and materials for demonstration for informative, promotional and other purposes;
    2. to reproduce in any mass media deemed most effective and in any way all the performances that have taken place in the format of the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”;
    3. to produce audio and video on the basis of the contest performances held in the format of the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” and distribute exclusively for the promotion of the Festival;
    4. The above-mentioned authorization shall be valid for the entire world.


  1. The participant of the Contest (winner/diploma holder) is not eligible for participation in the following editions of the children music contests in the format of the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”.
  2. Entering the Contest implies full and total acceptance of the Rules and Regulations.

1.Attachment 1. The official entry form.